case will provide strategic advice and can assist with the build of your 1 year and 5 year strategic and tactical plans for the treatment you plan to introduce into Canada with a focus on health technology assessment and reimbursement strategies.


case will conduct analyses that include payer and Canadian patient stakeholder priorities to inform your market access case

  • Analysis of health care organizations and patient associations for the treatment area, including their mission, vision, priorities and goals

  • Mapping the patient care pathway and patient journey through the healthcare system in the current care environment

  • Identification of expert multi disciplinary clinicians for the therapeutic area

  • Identification and analysis of current practice patterns that shape treatment decision making and health outcomes

  • Analysis of appropriate reimbursement pathway in Canada

  • Uncovering viewpoints and priorities of public and private payer stakeholders that will affect your launch plans

  • Review of policy landscape priorities for the government and/or payers for the environment you are entering

  • Evaluation of grey literature including media and press releases and outlets for activity related to the treatment area


On completion of the analysis, case will make realistic and reasonable recommendations for your team to implement.

  • Development of engagement strategy that considers meaningful and transparent partnerships with patient organizations and associations

  • Provide insights on how the innovative treatment will realistically affect the patient care pathway and journey and the potential impact on health outcomes

  • Develop engagement plan for authentic partnership with Canadian clinicians

  • Recommendations for a suitable reimbursement path forward for your innovative treatment


case believes that a health technology assessment and reimbursement strategy require a dynamic and iterative process as time evolves.

case will revisit your strategy at a point in time following tactical execution and will partner with you to evaluate the success and recommend any necessary adjustments in approach.


case understands and appreciates that internal corporate support is critical to a successful and timely outcome. Contributing to this is consideration of internal stakeholder priorities and goals.

We are committed to work with you and your team to ensure market access and reimbursement strategies are built to satisfy corporate stakeholder priorities and goals.


  • Identification of local, regional and global decision makers, priorities, perspectives and expectations

  • Identification local cross functional team roles and responsibilities that will contribute to your market access strategy and success

  • Review of existing communication approaches for securing decision making approvals with internal stakeholders


  • Conduct internal communication and engagement analyses to inform internal stakeholder support plans for your market access case

  • Support for the preparation of Canadian-specific market access corporate communication and engagement plans with leadership and cross functional teams. These plans will include 1 year strategic and tactical plans and 5 year strategic plans

  • Assist with the incorporation of internal priorities into your market access planning process

  • Develop long term plan to inform and sensitize teams to evolving market dynamics and landscape that could impact strategy


case will assist you review and modify your corporate communication and engagement plan to continue to engage your cross functional and leadership teams in your market access strategy.

Strategy will be evaluated against pre-determined measures of success.

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